genus Ephedra

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Noun1.genus Ephedra - type and sole genus of Ephedraceae: tropical and subtropical evergreen shrubby or creeping plants native to dry and inhospitable regions
gymnosperm genus - a genus of gymnosperms
Ephedraceae, family Ephedraceae - ephedras: in some classifications included in the Gnetaceae
ephedra, joint fir - jointed and nearly leafless desert shrub having reduced scalelike leaves and reddish fleshy seeds
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Some of the TCMs contained plants of the genus Ephedra and Asarum.
Diversification in North American arid lands: Niche conservation, divergence and expansion of habitat explain speciation in the genus Ephedra.
Ephedrine is a powdered or crystalline alkaloid, isolated from shrubs of the genus Ephedra or made synthetically.