genus Glis

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Noun1.genus Glis - type genus of the Gliridae
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Gliridae, Gliridae - dormice and other Old World forms
Glis glis, loir - large European dormouse
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The presence of several transverse main and extra ridges allow to assign this material to a form of the genus Glis.
In the Pliocene two species of the genus Glis have been described: Glis minor Kowalski, 1956 and Glis sackdillingensis Heller, 1930 (Kowalski, 1956; Aguilar et al.
sackdillingensis in Alcoy-2, although in the original list published by Esteban Aenlle and Lacomba (1988) the genus Glis is not mentioned.