genus Microgramma

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Noun1.genus Microgramma - epiphytic ferns of tropical America and Africagenus Microgramma - epiphytic ferns of tropical America and Africa
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
family Polypodiaceae, Polypodiaceae - ferns: a large family that in some classification systems has been subdivided into several families (including Aspleniaceae and Blechnaceae and Davalliaceae and Dennstaedtiaceae and Dryopteridaceae and Oleandraceae and Pteridaceae)
Microgramma-piloselloides, snake polypody - epiphytic ferns with long rhizomes; tropical America
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The six nests also had flexible rhizomes of a liana-like fern (possibly of the genus Microgramma, family Polypodiaceae), which lined the nests' external border in a variable degree (from a few stems to a dense and broad net) and had some pendent stems measuring a few centimeters to 450 mm long.
The redefinition of Phlebodium also recalls the recent recircumscription of the polypod genus Microgramma, necessitated by the finding of a new and radically different species of the genus in coastal Brazil (Saline et al.