genus Neotoma

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Noun1.genus Neotoma - packrats
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Cricetidae, family Cricetidae - mostly small New World rodents including New World mice and lemmings and voles and hamsters
bushytail woodrat, Neotoma cinerea, trade rat, pack rat, packrat - any of several bushy-tailed rodents of the genus Neotoma of western North America; hoards food and other objects
dusky-footed woodrat, Neotoma fuscipes - host to Lyme disease tick (Ixodes pacificus) in northern California
eastern woodrat, Neotoma floridana - large greyish-brown wood rat of the southeastern United States
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Because of results of phylogenetic analyses and to improve search-efficiency, monophyly of the genus Neotoma was enforced.
The genus Neotoma has been documented as a host for numerous arenavirus species (Calisher et al.
All members of the genus Neotoma use dens for protection from predators and adverse weather conditions, and as places to rest, store food, nest and rear young (Cameron and Rainey, 1972; Nowak and Paradiso, 1983).
Prevalence of antibodies to arenaviruses in rodents from the southern and western United States: evidence for an arenavirus associated with the genus Neotoma.
Thirty-two species of pseudoscorpions have been found co-existing with nine packrat (or wondrat) species of the genus Neotoma, and this association has been referred to as phoresy.