genus Pinctada

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Noun1.genus Pinctada - pearl oystersgenus Pinctada - pearl oysters        
mollusk genus - a genus of mollusks
family Pteriidae, Pteriidae - pearl oysters
pearl oyster, Pinctada margaritifera - tropical marine bivalve found chiefly off eastern Asia and Pacific coast of North America and Central America; a major source of pearls
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For pearl oysters of the genus Pinctada, the proportion of fertilized eggs to reach D-stage during egg incubation generally decreases with increasing stocking density (Southgate et al.
Hatchery production of pearl oyster species belonging to the genus Pinctada has shown that the proportion of eggs that survive and develop normally to become D-stage veligers, when using a typical egg density of 20-50/mL for an incubation period of 24 h, can vary greatly, ranging from 6% to 75-80% (Southgate et al.
Similarly, the reproductive period in the genus Pinctada has been observed to be more restricted at high latitudes, being shorter and characterized by a single reproductive period in the summer, which results in a high spawning synchronization, whereas at lower latitudes the reproductive period is longer-lasting, characterized by two or more reproduction peaks, and not confined to a specific season of the year (Tranter 1958a, Tranter 1958b, Tranter 1958c, Rose et al.