genus Sclerotium

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Noun1.genus Sclerotium - form genus of sterile imperfect fungi; many form sclerotia; some cause sclerotium disease in plants
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Mycelia Sterilia, order Mycelia Sterilia - order of imperfect fungi having no known spore stage
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The fungus was placed in the form genus Sclerotium (2) as it formed differentiated sclerotia and sterile mycelium.
The ITS rDNA region sequence was used in these analysis because it has been shown to be more informative and closest phylogenetic relative in the genus Sclerotium.
rolfsii, was observed at good specificity for the genus Sclerotium and approximately 550-600 bp product was exclusively amplified in all the twelve isolates (Plate 1).