genus Sorex

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Noun1.genus Sorex - type genus of the family Soricidae: shrewsgenus Sorex - type genus of the family Soricidae: shrews
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
common shrew, Sorex araneus - common American shrew
American water shrew, Sorex palustris - water shrew of North America
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Considering present common occurrence of the genus Sorex in temperate and boreal regions, often crossing the polar circle, these shrews are good candidates to endure glacial period also in northern refugia (Vega et al.
This paper documents the occurrence of the sole soricid from the Pipe Creek Sinkhole, a long-tailed shrew of the genus Sorex.
Diversification within the genus Sorex has been punctuated with a number of transcontinental movements of shrews through Beringia.