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The chemistry of the composition and alterations of the solid matter of the earth or a celestial body.

ge′o·chem′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
ge′o·chem′i·cal·ly adv.
ge′o·chem′ist n.


[ˌdʒiːəʊˈkemɪkəl] ADJgeoquímico
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Geochemical modeling of groundwater, vadose and geothermal systems.
A 'PIONEERING' geochemical atlas shows Cyprus faces no particular or dangerous environmental problems the said head of the Department of Geological Surveys, Dr Eleni Morisseau said yesterday.
Perth, Australia, Dec 1, 2009 - (ABN Newswire) - Tectonic Resources NL (AX:TTR)(PINK:TTOSF) is pleased to announce immediate success from geochemical exploration carried out at the Railway prospect, 4km north of the Trilogy Deposit.
Having seen quite a few different general geochemistry texts, it is safe to say this book has a very different 'flavour' in three commendable aspects--the extremely quantitative treatment of Earth processes, the unification or comparison of similar geochemical principles operating in different parts of the earth (e.
I was surprised that [ancient soils] had such an effect on the geochemical signature in the bones.
Analytical techniques for investigating terrestrial geochemical sediments (John McAlister & Bernie J.
The soil geochemical anomaly surrounding this drill hole is of the size and magnitude to accommodate significant gold mineralization.
The topics range from in-depth reviews and detailed case studies on the hydrogeological and/or geochemical aspects of both operating and closed metal and non-metal mines to cursory accounts of modeling exercises and environmental impact assessments.
The findings, based on geochemical surveys, were released recently at the Northwestern Ontario Mines and Minerals Symposium in Thunder Bay and outlined more than 20 significant lake sediment geochemical anomalies in areas with elevated levels of platinum, palladium, gold, copper and nickel.
The first indirect observations of two-neutrino double-beta decay came from recent geochemical studies of billion-year-old ores of selenium and other minerals.
Over the past 5 years, surface and underground rock sampling and mapping, a partial extraction soil geochemical survey and detailed Three Dimensional Induced Polarization (3D IP) geophysics with ground magnetics have led to the definition of several outstanding exploration drill targets on the property, some of which are defined by outcrops of gold and silver mineralization.
Kasting also applied his model of the early atmosphere to a second question-- whether a geochemical process could have produced oxygen.