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The geologic science of the size and shape of the earth.

[New Latin geōdaesia, from Greek geōdaisiā : geō-, geo- + daiesthai, to divide; see dā- in Indo-European roots.]

ge·od′e·sist n.


(dʒɪˈɒdɪsɪ) or


(Geological Science) the branch of science concerned with determining the exact position of geographical points and the shape and size of the earth
[C16: from French géodésie, from Greek geōdaisia, from geo- + daiein to divide]
geˈodesist n


(dʒiˈɒd ə si)

also ge•o•det•ics

(ˌdʒi əˈdɛt ɪks)

the branch of applied mathematics that deals with the measurement of the shape and area of large tracts of country, the exact position of geographical points, and the curvature, shape, and dimensions of the earth.
[1560–70; < French géodésie < Greek geōdaisía=geō- geo- + -daisia, derivative of daíein to divide, distribute]
ge•od′e•sist, n.


the branch of applied mathematics that studies the measurement and shape and area of large tracts, the exact position of geographical points, and the curvature, shape, and dimensions of the earth. Also called geodetics. — geodesist, n. — geodetic, geodetical, adj.
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The scientific study of the size and shape of the Earth.
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Noun1.geodesy - the branch of geology that studies the shape of the earth and the determination of the exact position of geographical pointsgeodesy - the branch of geology that studies the shape of the earth and the determination of the exact position of geographical points
geophysical science, geophysics - geology that uses physical principles to study properties of the earth


[dʒiːˈɒdɪsɪ] Ngeodesia f


nGeodäsie f
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and the Czech Centre for Earth s Dynamics Research in the collaboration with the Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformatics of the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences organized the 11th Czech-Polish Workshop on Recent Geodynamics of the Sudeten and Adjacent Areas in the Trest Castle (Czech Republic) on November 4-6, 2010.
He reviews the history and current status of the technology and government policies regarding it, then looks at air and space, maritime, land, mapping and surveying, geodesy and timing, and military applications.
One of them, for geodesy studies, would measure only the extent of high and low areas on the surface.
Professionals representing national and local government organizations; mapping and cartography agencies; academic and research organizations; and geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS) and remote sensing suppliers will explore land information management (LIM) and land surveying and geodesy technologies, which are defining the data sources that establish SDIs.
Electronic auction: purchase and delivery of diesel fuel and gasoline for fkp "sri" geodesy "for the first half of 2018
Bulgariaas National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography (NIGGG) put the magnitude of the tremor at 4.
The main scientific field of using the LiDAR data in geodesy and remote sensing is to construct the digital heights models (digital elevation models, digital terrain models, digital surface models, digital relief models) (Arrowsmith 2006; El-Sheimy et al.
Only three documents are required in the procedure: a citizenship certificate or an ID, a certificate attesting to a utility infrastructure connection, and a geodesy report, which does not cost more than 150 euros.
Their topics concerned geodesy (Earth's crust motions, GPS data monitoring and processing, levelling, InSAR and PSI techniques, geoid), geology (neotectonics, neovulcanology, geomorphology, brittle tectonics, Earth's remote sensing) and geophysics (seismicity, gravity, strain fields, etc.
Abercrombie and her coeditors from the American Geophysical Union (Washington, DC) present 28 chapters on the energy changes associated with earthquakes for use by Solid Earth scientists, researchers, and students--particularly those working in seismology, tectonophysics, rock mechanics, and geodesy.
Furthermore, notes Donahue, who described the idea at the recent meeting of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics in Vancouver, British Columbia, data from the U.
The Federal Agency of Geodesy and Cartography (Roskartographia) in Russia is an authority in cartography and geodesy of Russia and provides governmental services and licences in these areas.