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 (jē′ō-ĕk′ə-nŏm′ĭks, -ē′kə-)
n. (used with a sing. verb)
1. The study of the relationship between politics and economics, especially on an international scale.
2. A combination of international economic and political factors relating to or influencing a nation or region.

ge′o·ec′o·nom′ic adj.
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On Friday, 6 November, in the framework of the working visit to Latvia, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk took part in the tenth annual Riga conference, which focuses on EU's geoeconomic role, security challenges in the information age and hybrid warfare, Transatlantic cooperation this year.
Meanwhile chairing a meeting on CPEC, Ahsan Iqbal said that CPEC transformed the scenario from a geopolitical one to geoeconomic.
The administration's own goal on Beijing's Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) reveals how far Washington is from coming to terms with the new global reality: the geoeconomic centre of gravity shift eastward.
The geoeconomic development has led to the emergence of Dubai as a gateway to Middle East, South Asia and Africa, particularly for Asian and Middle Eastern companies.
The past ten years were difficult in terms of geopolitical and geoeconomic situation in the region.
On the other hand, he has sought to maintain a geoeconomic balance in showcasing India's potential as the new manufacturing hub of the world.
The second includes "competitive superpowers" attempting to create regional hegemonies to challenge US primacy and undermine American rule sets that ensure our peaceful geopolitical and geoeconomic power.
Domestic Pressures and China's Strategy," in China's Geoeconomic Strategy, ed.
Dr Rafizadeh, who lectures at US universities (see his profile below), writes: "If we take a close look at Iran's realpolitik, its struggle for tipping the balance of power in its favor, as well as the geopolitical, geoeconomic and geostrategic interests of the Islamic Republic, the notion that al-Qaeda's Iran-based network has been operating for a while in Iranian soil with the assistance of IRGC forces, can be viewed as totally realistic".
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But it will also accelerate geopolitical and geoeconomic changes.