geographic tongue

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ge·o·graph·ic tongue

n. lengua geográfica, lengua caracterizada por áreas desnudas rodeadas de epitelio grueso que simulan áreas terrestres.
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Your tongue looks like a map A patchy geographic tongue could be due to smoking or a vitamin or iron deficiency, but it could also be the result of gastric tract damage due to coeliac disease, for example.
In present study, large number of cases have been observed of geographic tongue followed by fissured tongue.
The most prevalent oral lesions in asthmatics group were geographic tongue 10(10%), fissured tongue 13(13%), chronic atrophic candidiasis13(13%), and in the control group were fissured tongue(11%) and lichenoid reaction(2%).
Scientists suggest in the March New Journal of Physics that geographic tongue can develop in two ways: circular and spiral.
Benign oral mucosal lesions included a diagnosis of coated tongue fissured tongue geographic tongue melanin pigmentation linea alba and fordyces granules.
The geographic tongue is a benign disorder involving dorsal surface of the tongue which emerges as depapillated areas with leading and folded edges in yellowish or grayish white color and sometimes with unclear borders.
Relationship between Helicobacter pylori infection and oral lesions (tissue, lichen planus, geographic tongue and burning mouth).
Some of the diseases and conditions whose signs can and do show up on the tongue are: * Geographic tongue - this is a common condition, which creates a characteristic appearance instantly recognised by experts.
4) The oral manifestations of a psoriasis patient may include geographic tongue, fissure tongue, gingival and/or mucosal lesions.
I have had a geographic tongue for more than three years.
Benign migratory glossitis, otherwise known as geographic tongue, is a common finding in oral psoriasis.
Q MYGP diagnosed a geographic tongue, is there a cure?
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