geological horizon

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Noun1.geological horizon - a layer of rock with a particular composition (especially of fossils); for dating the stratum
horizon - a specific layer or stratum of soil or subsoil in a vertical cross section of land
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Drilling is now being undertaken inside the Vardy Zone while an assessment is undertaken of the prospective geological horizon to the east.
RPS has reviewed each geological horizon in the seismic profile at the New Seaclem-1 proposed drilling site.
Rasmussen will head up a team of seven experienced geologists dedicated to exploration in the Wells-Barkerville district where International Wayside has assembled a 176 km2 land package centered on a geological horizon from which over 3.
A shallower geological horizon, the Pab sandstone which forms the reservoir of the Bhit field, could not be evaluated due to adverse drilling conditions.
There are several diamond drill hole intersections obtained by previous operators, in the same geological horizon.
Several wedges will be drilled from this vertical hole to test the favourable geological horizon.
First Western recently conducted an airborne survey over the entire property and has identified a number of newly discovered airborne conductors along the strike of the favourable geological horizon.
More would be expected in the years ahead, though mostly natural gas in newly-established geological horizons to the north of Sinai, of the Nile Delta and of the Western Desert.
High grade graphite concentrate grades from bench-scale testing are repeatable for all three geological horizons of the deposit, representing from surface to the base of current drill coverage at 100 metres depth.
He said the non-conventional resources were to include shale gas and shale oil, tight oil and gas, and ultra-sour oil and gas in geological horizons of great depths both onshore and offshore.
DNO, which was among the first companies to operate in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein, meanwhile said it had separately "undertaken to estimate the size of other discoveries on its licenses in the Kurdistan region of Iraq as well as the potential of all undrilled prospects and geological horizons in response to a request by the Kurdistan Ministry of Natural Resources.
Interesting geological horizons for natural gas had been found since 1990, when EGPC and some of its IOC partners like ENI of Italy began to focus on gas-prone areas.

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