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Divination by means of lines and figures or by geographic features.

[Middle English geomancie, from Medieval Latin geōmantia, from Late Greek geōmanteia, divination by signs from the earth : Greek geō-, geo- + Greek -manteia, -mancy.]

ge′o·man′cer n.
ge′o·man′tic (-tĭk) adj.
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Noun1.geomancer - one who practices geomancy
diviner - someone who claims to discover hidden knowledge with the aid of supernatural powers
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Rich in detail, these vignettes introduce us to such individuals as the Christian missionary Reverend Ma Seung who ministered to Chinese Canadians across the prairies and beyond; Charles Yee and Charlie Foo, who married non-Chinese women, one Ukrainian and the other British in origin; and Quongying Wong, the daughter of a Chinese geomancer who immigrated to Canada and drew upon traditional Chinese religious rituals to protect her family.
Feng Shui practitioner Paul Ng, who calls himself a "philosopher and geomancer," shares with his (http://www.
18) However, Hobson notes "superstitions remain an important part of business life in Hong Kong, a modern Asian city; every private housing developer will first consult a feng shui geomancer to discuss the site location and design aspects of the development.
The sixteenth-century technician of memory, rhetorician, Kabbalist, and onetime geomancer Giulio Camillo Delminio once described the process: "And truly as I was in the midst of casting the figure, the action of my hand so perfectly fixed my mind to the movements of the heavens that my intention was completely absorbed.
I got my first taste when we had our house and yard in Hawaii "cured" by geomancer Phil Johnson.
His business had been that of a geomancer and fortune-teller, and his wife and son had been engaged in the work of making paper money, which is connected with the superstitions of this people in reference to the dead.
But I always try to keep in mind geomancer Patrick MacManaway's humorous etymology of "expert," which he relates, he says, "so that you will know my qualifications.
Via her consultancy, The Geomancer, she advises on how Feng Shui can enhance their lives.
But on the other hand, the Line, as it is being measured, draws to itself an increasingly strange collection of oddballs and outcasts--a great French chef and the mechanical duck impossibly in love with him, a Chinese geomancer on the run from the Jesuits, a woman who is compelled to perform as a street show a miniature re-creation of the Battle of Leuthen, a secret agent from an unknown northern land posing as a Swedish axman--people who in all likelihood won't fit in to the America Mason and Dixon are helping to define.
In Hong Kong, she notes, choosing a location and an auspicious date for a business to open through a feng shui expert, a geomancer, is practically mandatory.