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1. German.
2. Germany.


1. gerund.
2. gerundive.
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THE next morning the youth discovered that his tall comrade had been the fast-flying messen- ger of a mistake.
The desire of power in excess, caused the angels to fall; the desire of knowledge in excess, caused man to fall: but in charity there is no excess; neither can angel, nor man, come in dan ger by it.
They brought forcibly to one's mind the night of ages when the primeval man, evolving the first rudiments of cookery from his dim conscious ness, scorched lumps of flesh at a fire of sticks in the company of other good fellows; then, gorged and happy, sat him back among the gnawed bones to tell his artless tales of experience--the tales of hun ger and hunt--and of women, perhaps!
Embassy in Ulaanbaatar launched the A Ger for the Future project to test and demonstrate environmentally sustainable designs that may benefit ger dwellers.
The LES serves as the primary barrier to GER When the pressure across the LES is lowered it can result in GER and possibly symptoms.
It then capsized and dropped to the sea bed in Force 10 conditions with Ger, a 39-year-old father-of-four from Kinsale, Co Cork, and Thomasz, 32, a Polish national and dad-of-two, onboard.
Ger, 37, spoke to his long-term lover for the last time from 28,240ft to share his joy at conquering the treacherous challenge.
Announcement of the alliance was made today at the beginning of Retail World `99, "Link to the Future," GERS Retail Systems' annual user conference, August 25-28 at the Hyatt Regency, San Diego.
GERS Retail Systems, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions, today announced that Homemakers Furniture has purchased GERS solutions that will cut costs, improve operational efficiencies, and increase customer satisfaction.
GERS integrated solutions provide detailed, up-to-the-second knowledge of every transaction to ensure that all decision makers have the best information possible when deciding which products are right by store location and retail price points.
Locked and loaded into the freely-licensed ApprovalWare environment, we are delighted that we may now deliver our combined, innovative efficiencies to users of the GERS platform, the most popular software management tools in use in furniture retailing today.
Demonstrations of GERS' Multi-Channel Commerce V7 are available at the GERS podium in Booth #502.