germ plasm

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also germ plasm  (jûrm′plăz′əm)
1. The genetic material of a species or other related group of organisms, collected for use in study, conservation, and breeding.
2. Germ cells as distinguished from other body cells.
3. The hereditary material of a germ cell.

germ plasm

1. (Biology)
a. the part of a germ cell that contains hereditary material; the chromosomes and genes
b. the germ cells collectively. Compare somatoplasm

germ′ plasm`

the substance of reproductive cells that contains chromosomes.
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Noun1.germ plasm - the protoplasm of the germ cells that contains chromosomes and genes
living substance, protoplasm - the substance of a living cell (including cytoplasm and nucleus)
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And that the germ plasm is different from the parthenogenetic egg?
has used his deep understanding of customer needs, scientific knowledge and expertise at selecting winning germ plasm combinations to develop high-yielding corn germplasm for the United States, Canada, Central Europe and Eastern Europe.
He was of the view that if any country introduces some new technology or develops some new germ plasm, it must be experimented in other countries for the mutual benefit of all the countries.
Shri Singh expressed Indiaa s desire to cooperate and learn from the experience of New Zealand in the areas of livestock, processing, cold chain management, animal breeding and germ plasm exchange of apple, cherry etc.
PUCPEP consultant Mohammad Arshad said that Icarda has so far provided 3200 US cotton germ plasm to Pakistani scientists which were undergoing test at CCRI Multan, CCRI Sakrand, CRI Faisalabad and Cotton Research Station Vehari.
In October, Bulgaria will send the first samples of seed germ plasm of typical Bulgarian crop varieties to the Global Seed Vault in Norway, also known as the Noah's Ark.
A strong movement afoot, however, now seeks to broaden the genetic diversity of commercial strains by utilizing a largely untapped wild germ plasm collection procured by Dr.
The embryos of most lab animals, including frogs but not mice, contain material called germ plasm, and germ plasm has the role of instructing cells to become the primordial germ cells which go on to become sperm and egg.
Today it is estimated that 93% of America's soybean and 90% of its corn crops contain their germ plasm.
suspicions of theories of germ plasm were echoed by social scientists
Similar situations are demonstrated for Galton's stirp theory and Weismann's germ plasm theory--whole classes of alternatives remained unconceived.