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tr. & intr.v. Ger·man·ized, Ger·man·iz·ing, Ger·man·iz·es
To make or become German in form, idiom, style, or character.

Ger′man·i·za′tion (-mə-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
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In this context, it is important to ensure that policy normalization in the eurozone does not become Germanization, which was the status quo the last time eurozone conditions were "normal," before the financial crisis.
Ghazala (1995) uses the term "Arabization" or "Arabicization" as a synonym for technical translation, "Arabization (or Arabicization, by analogy to Anglicization, Germanization, etc.
Martin Winstone avoids overtly equating this Nazi-inspired publication with a long-term plan for the General Government (GG), even though the genocidal implications of demographic reengineering and Germanization on such a massive scale would seem inevitable.
However, at the same time, this new hegemonic leadership is forcing a germanization of all EZ peripheral economies (France included) as a prerequisite to granting them financial solidarity (Beck 2013, Marsh 2013).
218, 239-40 (2006) (finding that the Indian Supreme Court referred to foreign law in roughly one-quarter of its decisions between 1950 and 2005); Alexander Somek, The Deadweight of Formulae: What Might Have Been the Second Germanization of American Equal Protection Review, 1 U.
The opposition against the Germanization and then against Russification (popular unofficial movements similar to those in Poland), along with a necessary resistance to the atheist propaganda, were not supported by a traditional folk-oriented Church as was the case with the Catholic states, which tolerated and integrated their old ethnic beliefs.
Statistics, Lower acknowledges, don't tell us all we wish to know--though at least they disabuse us of any notion that only a handful of women participated in the German occupation of Eastern Europe, a fact already expertly explored by historian Elizabeth Harvey, in Women and the Nazi East: Agents and Witnesses of Germanization (2003).
Kopp repeatedly emphasizes that two models of Germanization existed in the East: the assimilationist and the properly colonial.
14) Furthermore, "Ernst Palast" is an obvious Germanization of the name of Ernesto Palacio, a right-wing polemicist, journalist and historian (Burdick 30).
Altman assumes that meskine as used by Strauss is a Germanization of the French mesquin, one of the meanings of which is stingy or ungenerous (sometimes employed in French anti-Semitic caricatures of Jews, as Altman notes).
art, literature, song, and theatre) unified and mobilized a nation, giving rise to a strong sense of national consciousness and the development of a movement interested in preserving Latvian culture against the threats of Germanization and Russification.
A huge subject that ranges from genocide of Europe's children whether through deliberate mass killing and Holocaust, to kidnapping for Germanization, to Aryanization and the face-to-face experience of war that killed millions.