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adj. germ·i·er, germ·i·est
Full of germs.

germ′i·ness n.


adj, germier or germiest
full of germs


(ˈdʒɜr mi)

adj. germ•i•er, germ•i•est.
full of germs.
germ′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.germy - full of germs or pathological microorganisms; "the water in New York harbor is oily and dirty and germy"
infected, septic - containing or resulting from disease-causing organisms; "a septic sore throat"; "a septic environment"; "septic sewage"
germfree - free from germs or pathogenic organisms; sterile; "a germfree environment"
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The Red Cubs' usual statistical leaders-Even Nelle, Germy Mahinay and Addy Velasquez-were surprisingly non-factors.
San Beda big man Germy Mahinay added 12 markers and as many rebounds before going down with an ankle injury inside the final minute.
Sponges are there to keep your house clean, but they be a serious germy culprit.
However, the Red Cubs will have to make do without four of their key players in Germy Mahinay, Ry dela Rosa, Robi Nayve and Eduardo Velasquez Jr.
Germy also recreated the Cairo Opera House, the gate of Rafah port and the Maspero television building.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, germy surfaces are to blame for 12 percent of food poisoning cases.
Traveling on a 30-hour flight, eating food your body isn't used to and interacting with germy players and fans has to be hard on a body, but Shtan managed to get through it.
2]O), it's where it is going (your germy, bacteria-filled mouth).
The longer the foods stayed on the germy surface, the more germs they picked up, so 5 seconds is better than 10--if not exactly safe.
ACP recommends six ways to help keep your toothbrush clean and prevent germy buildup:
Going into any women's public restroom will show that "ladies" who fear a germy seat are incapable of lifting it, happy to add to the germs by tinkling all over it.
For his part, Labour Leader Germy Corbyn, who sacked yesterday the shadow Foreign secretary Hilary Benn for "disloyalty", claimed he was going nowhere, despite failing to even secure the backing of his own deputy, Tom Watson.