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1. In Latin, a noun derived from a verb and having all case forms except the nominative.
2. In other languages, a verbal noun analogous to the Latin gerund, such as the English form ending in -ing when used as a noun, as in singing in We admired the choir's singing. See Usage Note at fused participle.

[Late Latin gerundium, from alteration (modeled on participium, participle) of Latin gerundum, variant of gerendum, neuter gerundive of gerere, to carry on.]

ge·run′di·al (jə-rŭn′dē-əl) adj.
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Adj.1.gerundial - relating to or like a gerund; "the gerundial suffix `-ing'"
grammar - the branch of linguistics that deals with syntax and morphology (and sometimes also deals with semantics)
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Additionally, the word has conformed to Polish morphology and functions as a verb krosowac (to cross) and as a gerundial form (s)krosowanie (cross-connection).
38) For example, preambles in the treaty context often use an antiquated, formal style consisting of an introduction of the parties, followed by a series of gerundial phrases that transform the preamble into a single, introductory sentence that terminates with the phrase, "[h]ave agreed as follows.
This verbal paradigm is nothing else but a participial base (in gerundial, originally adjectival function) with a person suffix.
The present analysis (2) attempts to apply this distinction to the specialized register of legal English by analyzing the distribution and functions of gerundial and present participial clauses.
For example, reconsider Burgos's central trope, in "Campo," of Puerto Rico as an island aflame, a land scorched by injustice where a people is unquenchably ardoring or burning (in a protracted gerundial present) between tradition and political futurity:
One might suppose that the "possibilities" I am assessing can be portrayed through the gerundial forms,
359) chama essas oracoes com o verbo na forma gerundial de "oracoes implicitas" e, em funcao das diferentes especies de relacoes que podem ser expressas, cada uma dessas oracoes deve "ser interpretada segundo o pedir o sentido".
99-115) also makes it possible to identify a set of at least four determining parameters (transitivity of the verb underlying the gerund, co-referentiality or otherwise of the agent of the gerundial clause and main clause, case of the gerund's agent, coordinate-like or subordinate-like function of the clause).
En el met-odos de la investigacion convergen el interes bibliografico con el interes por la educacion de las personas sordomudas, construyendose en una busqueda de valores personales y sociales que hacen de esta andadura el germen de una investigacion mas amplia en el presente gerundial de una Teoria de la Educacion.
Participial and gerundial interpretations of physical and cognitive perception verbs.
The case of of is interesting, because it is the word which occurs most frequently in gerundial forms and thus appears to have an embryonic relationship to phrasal verbs.
The gerundial titles of several of his books --Loving, Party Going, Doting--suggest movement, action, the process of living.