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 (gĕs-nîr′ē-ăd′, jĕs-)
Any of numerous, mostly tropical herbs or shrubs of the family Gesneriaceae, including African violets and gloxinia.

[From New Latin Gesneria, type genus, after Konrad von Gesner.]


(Plants) a tropical plant of the genus Gesneria
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Noun1.gesneriad - any of numerous tropical or subtropical small shrubs or treelets or epiphytic vines of the family Gesneriaceae: African violet; Cape primroses; gloxinia
family Gesneriaceae, gesneria family, Gesneriaceae - large family of tropical herbs or shrubs or lianas; in some classification systems placed in the order Scrophulariales
ligneous plant, woody plant - a plant having hard lignified tissues or woody parts especially stems
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One of the major plant groups of horticultural importance in the tropical limestone area is the gesneriads.
The world-class collection of orchids, bromeliads and gesneriads, many collected by Selby scientists on expeditions around the world, includes many rare and endangered species.
African violets and Gesneriads will be available for sale, as well as pots, soils, fertilizers, and more.
The display of orchids, gesneriads, anthuriums, heliconias, etc, etc were also fabulous.
other gesneriads, and will also house an interesting array of large .
They've just invested the best part of pounds 200,000 on a new unit producing all sorts of streptocarpus, begonias, gesneriads and other tropical-like plants.
Now they are making their mark with even more unusual gesneriads.
Most gesneriads have their home in warm monsoon forests around the world and need to be grown indoors.
Rubino bred new forms of Sinningia and other gesneriads, as well as new forms of Exacum (Persian Violet).
The ancestors of the South Asian gesneriads were hypothesized to come from neotropical America via two independent long-distance dispersals during the Eocene and Oligocene (Perret et al.