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a. A motion of the limbs or body made to express or help express thought or to emphasize speech.
b. The action of making such a motion or motions: communicated solely by gesture.
2. An act or a remark made as a formality or as a sign of intention or attitude: sent flowers as a gesture of sympathy.
v. ges·tured, ges·tur·ing, ges·tures
To make gestures.
To show, express, or direct by gestures: gestured her disapproval.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin gestūra, bearing, from Latin gestus, past participle of gerere, to carry, carry on, act.]

ges′tur·al adj.
ges′tur·al·ly adv.
ges′tur·er n.
Synonyms: gesture, gesticulation, sign, signal
These nouns denote an expressive, meaningful bodily motion: a gesture of approval; frantic gesticulations to get help; made a sign for silence; gave the signal to advance.


in a gestural manner
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Three learners--B, D, G--show gesturally that the meaning of the Word is now clear.
And I find that when I'm listening intently and I'm gesturally moving my pen, some interesting things come out.
And in Bieber's "Life Is Worth Living," up-and-coming contemporary star Emma Portner choreographed and performed a gesturally intricate, emotionally fraught duet in an empty dance studio.
That the vogueing gesturally underscores Tino's 'new school' moves is not an accident.
To really listen and to hear what someone is saying visually and/or gesturally may require spending significant amounts of time together (in the case of Alice and the Rockets weekly over a 12-year period).
The seventeen gesturally abstract Schuttbilds (Splatter Paintings) are the products of carefully staged actions (crucifixions, simulated sacrifices, engagements with animal carcasses, etc.
Regarding communicative disadvantages, Marco noted an aspect of visual communication, "Sometimes, it was difficult to interact visually or gesturally.
In this exhibition at least, Ben (1894-1982) emerges at his strongest when he relaxes, applying paint to the canvas gesturally, rather than by calculation, such as in his Landscape with River and Trees (1926) and Holmhead, Cumberland (1929), both painted on Winifred's home turf at Bankshead.
Nor is the conversation one-sided; the reader-auditor responds in a variety of ways: quizzically, meditatively, gesturally, laughingly, or even profanely.
Tackling abstraction's relentless complexities in a wholly new way, gesturally, intuitively, and symbolically, Fox was on her way to becoming the Abstract Expressionist who wasn't.
Those imbrications are often gesturally sketched rather than deeply worked through.
Brecht's version is gesturally richer, since a power relation is constructed and questioned at the same time.