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1. Having no tracks; not traveled over: the untracked snow.
2. Not kept track of; unmonitored: an untracked shipment.
3. No longer performing poorly; performing well or up to one's expectations: The team got untracked after playing poorly for the first few games.

[Sense 3, perhaps from alteration of on track (possibly influenced by the notion of a track being a rut or unproductive routine).]


1. not tracked or followed; not tracked down
2. not having a track or tracks through it; not marked or worn by (people's) tracks
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Adj.1.untracked - lacking pathwaysuntracked - lacking pathways; "trackless wilderness"; "roadless areas"
inaccessible, unaccessible - capable of being reached only with great difficulty or not at all
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But this seems a small price to pay if the end result is that a seemingly intractable problem finally gets untracked.
If that trio gets untracked, the Red Wings could face even worse trouble in Games 3 and 4 in Denver tonight and Saturday night.