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a. A small cucumber, especially one used for pickling.
b. A pickle made from such a fruit.
a. A vine (Cucumis anguria) native to Africa and widely cultivated especially in the West Indies, having prickly fruit often harvested when immature for pickling.
b. The fruit of this plant.

[Ultimately (via early Modern Dutch gurkijn (Modern Dutch gurkje), diminutive of Dutch gurk, gherkin, aphetic variant of agurk, or possibly via Dutch agurken, plural of agurk, taken in English as a singular a gurken) from Dutch agurk, variant of augurk, ultimately from a Slavic source such as Polish ogórek, partial translation (with diminutive suffix -ek) of Byzantine Greek angourion, watermelon, gherkin, from diminutive of Late Greek angouros, a single grape, bunch of grapes, probably originally meaning "small, unripe fruit," from expressive alteration of Greek aōros, out of season, unripe : a-, not; see a-1 + hōra, season, time; see yēr- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Cookery) the immature fruit of any of various cucumbers, used for pickling
2. (Plants)
a. a tropical American cucurbitaceous climbing plant, Cucumis anguria
b. the small edible fruit of this plant
[C17: from early modern Dutch agurkkijn, diminutive of gurk, from Slavonic, ultimately from Greek angourion]


(Named Buildings) the Gherkin an informal name for Swiss Re Tower


(ˈgɜr kɪn)

1. the small immature fruit of a variety of cucumber, used in pickling.
a. the small spiny fruit of a tropical vine, Cucumis anguria, of the gourd family, used in pickling.
b. the plant yielding this fruit.
3. a small pickle, esp. one made from this fruit.
[1655–65; < Dutch gurken, pl. of gurk (German Gurke) < Slavic; compare Polish ogórek, Czech okurka « Persian]
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Noun1.gherkin - any of various small cucumbers pickled wholegherkin - any of various small cucumbers pickled whole
pickle - vegetables (especially cucumbers) preserved in brine or vinegar
2.gherkin - small prickly cucumber
cuke, cucumber - cylindrical green fruit with thin green rind and white flesh eaten as a vegetable; related to melons


[ˈgɜːkɪn] Npepinillo m


[ˈgɜːrkɪn] ncornichon m


nGewürz- or Essiggurke f


[ˈgɜːkɪn] ncetriolino
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The pickles, in a uniform of rich brown double-breasted buttoned coat, and yellow or sombre drab continuations, announced their portly forms, in printed capitals, as Walnut, Gherkin, Onion, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Mixed, and other members of that noble family.
AMIDLAND copper who was forced into a liquid diet for three months after being diagnosed with skin cancer, has raised almost PS1,000 by scaling the famous Gherkin in London.
When shown pictures of iconic British landmarks, 39 per cent of Scots did not recognise St Andrews golf course, and a quarter of Londoners couldn't name the Gherkin.
LONDON has its Gherkin and now Gateshead has one too - as the centrepiece of an art exhibition opening today at Baltic.
Originally native to Africa, the West Indian gherkin was a favorite in 19th-century New England homes.
Savills and Deloitte Real Estate have been jointly instructed to sell The Gherkin at 30 St Mary Axe in the City of London following the appointment of Phil Bowers, Neville Kahn and Alex Adam of Deloitte LLP as the Joint Fixed Charge Receivers on the landmark office building.
Qatar's ruling Al Thani family is reportedly in talks to buy London's Gherkin tower and a massive Frankfurt Airport office complex for a combined $2.
HOME TEAM BURGER (serves 4) INGREDIENTS FOR THE BURGER: 4 packets of brioche buns 900g of minced beef (80% meat and 20% fat) 100g of bone marrow 8 slices of mature cheddar cheese FOR THE ONION RELISH: 500g of sliced raw white onion 10ml of olive oil 10g of whole grain mustard FOR THE BURGER SAUCE: Ketchup English mustard 1 large gherkin METHOD: 1.
Add slices of tomato and onions, followed by lettuce leaves, two gherkin halves and a little sauce.
Mr Welburn, who was one of the team that opened the Gherkin under Richard Corrigan, has been installed after Searcys won the contract to operate the restaurant in a deal worth a reported PS12.
today announced it has been appointed to manage the Gherkin by landlord 30 St Mary Axe (Bermuda) LP, a joint venture between IVG EuroSelect 14, a closed-end fund managed by IVG Private Funds Management GmbH, and Evans Randall as one of the world s most iconic commercial buildings approaches its ten year anniversary.