ghetto blaster

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ghetto blaster

n. Offensive Slang
A boom box.

ghetto blaster

(Electronics) informal a large portable cassette recorder or CD player with built-in speakers


1. a container, case, or receptacle, usu. rectangular, and often with a lid or cover.
2. the quantity contained in a box.
3. Chiefly Brit. a gift in a box.
4. a compartment for the accommodation of a small number of people, as in a theater.
5. a small enclosure in a courtroom for witnesses or the jury.
6. a small shelter: a sentry's box.
7. Brit.
a. a small house or cottage, as for use while hunting: a shooting box.
b. a telephone booth.
8. sc box stall.
9. the box, television.
10. a part of a printed page containing material enclosed in a border, as an obituary or classified advertisement.
11. any enclosing, protective case or housing.
12. any of various spaces on a baseball diamond marking the playing positions of the pitcher, catcher, batter, or coaches.
13. Informal. boom box.
14. Slang. a coffin.
15. Vulgar Slang. the vagina or vulva.
16. the driver's seat on a coach.
17. the section of a wagon in which passengers or parcels are carried.
18. to put into a box.
19. to enclose or confine as if in a box (often fol. by in or up).
20. to furnish with a box.
21. to form into a box or the shape of a box.
22. to block so as to keep from passing or achieving a better position (often fol. by in).
23. to group together for consideration as one unit: to box bills in the legislature.
24. to enclose or conceal (a structure) as with boarding.
[before 1000; Middle English, Old English, probably < Late Latin buxis, a reshaping of Latin pyxis; see pyx]
box′like`, adj.


1. a blow with the hand or fist: a box on the ear.
2. to strike with the hand or fist, esp. on the ear.
3. to fight against (someone) in a boxing match.
4. to participate in a boxing match; spar.
[1300–50; Middle English; of uncertain orig.]



1. any of various evergreen shrubs or small trees of the genus Buxus, esp. B. sempervirens, having shiny, elliptic, dark green leaves, used for ornamental borders and hedges and yielding a hard, durable wood.
2. any of various other shrubs or trees, esp. species of eucalyptus.
[before 950; Middle English, Old English < Latin buxus boxwood < Greek]


v.t. Idioms:
box the compass,
a. to recite the points of the compass in a clockwise order.
b. to make a complete turn or reversal.
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Noun1.ghetto blaster - a portable stereoghetto blaster - a portable stereo      
stereo, stereo system, stereophonic system, stereophony - reproducer in which two microphones feed two or more loudspeakers to give a three-dimensional effect to the sound
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech

ghetto blaster

n (inf)G(h)ettoblaster m (inf), → großes Kofferradio

ghetto blaster

nmaxistereo portatile
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And Williams, who won 44 caps for Wales, added: "I remember when he left he gave his TV to one of our younger players and left his ghetto blaster for the Blues gym.
I would sit with my ghetto blaster, hitting Play, Record & Pause with Ninja-like precision to tape my favourite songs off the Clyde 1 Chart Show.
com BIG FAMILY FESTIVAL This new festival will feature an outdoor cinema, DJs in a 20ft Ibiza Ghetto Blaster area and a solarpowered comedy tent.
We were instantly transported back to the local salon on a Saturday afternoon - Bananarama on the ghetto blaster, the pungent whiff of ammonia and those evil little plastic rollers.
It was George Martin's My Life and I remember laying on my bed listening to it on my Tipex covered ghetto blaster (I was the epitome of cool, I really was) hearing these songs for the first time and instantly falling in love with them.
Marchers chanted "no more death on our streets" as a ghetto blaster played philosophical John Lennon lyrics as members of the public looked on.
GHETTO blaster Odion Ighalo used to train with bullets flying over his head as police chased gangs across the pitch.
He took what was described as a ghetto blaster from a kitchen work surface before returning downstairs to the pub and leaving.
In fact, it was a ghetto blaster (under-25s can Google that).
Also from Britain, looking like a classic rock amplifier (the brand has a reputation for making some of the best amps in the business), the Stanmore is louder and bigger than the T7, blasting away more like a savage ghetto blaster from the deep, dark 80s than the subservient bluetooth speakers so popular today; what it lacks in polished reverberations it makes up with in your face, bare-knuckle intensity.
A small, unplugged ghetto blaster looks like the only thing able to cough up any music.
Six years ago, under Flintoff's captaincy, injury-hit England levelled the series with a memorable 212-run win against India in Mumbai after being fired up by a lunchtime hoedown around the dressing room ghetto blaster.