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A hormone that is secreted by cells in the stomach and promotes hunger before an expected meal, decreases in amount after eating, and promotes secretion of growth hormone.

[Coined by its discoverers from ghrē-, reconstructed Proto-Indo-European root of English grow; see grow + -in (probably influenced by g(rowth)-h(ormone)-rel(easing peptide), a description of ghrelin's function and chemical composition).]


(Biochemistry) a hormone produced in the body that stimulates appetite
[C20: from g(rowth) h(ormone) rel(easing) + -in]
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Noun1.ghrelin - a gastrointestinal hormone produced by epithelial cells lining the fundus of the stomach; appears to be a stimulant for appetite and feeding, but is also a strong stimulant of growth hormone secretion from the anterior pituitary
gastrointestinal hormone, GI hormones - hormones that affect gastrointestinal functioning
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Ghrelin is a brain-gut peptide that was first isolated as an endogenous ligand for the growth hormone secretagogue receptor in the rat stomach (Kojima et al.
Cholecystokinin also acts to decrease the hunger-promoting hormone in the body called ghrelin.
Leptin, ghrelin, testosterone, TSH, growth hormone analyses in the serum were performed using ELISA kits (YH Biosearch Laboratory) by following the manufacturer's instructions.
Objective: To determine the role of ghrelin in stimulating leukopoiesis of myelosuppressed rats by stimulating growth hormone release.
But the new data showed that each of the over-80s produced a greater amount of PYY than their younger counterparts, while their ghrelin levels did not change.
The reduction can be attributed to the effect of smoking on levels of hormone ghrelin - the hunger hormones, the researchers said.
Ghrelin is a major player when it comes to weight loss.
The keyhole operation, developed at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore in the US, works by blocking the production of ghrelin - a hormone affecting hunger - by inserting microscopic plastic balls into the narrow blood vessels serving the fundus, the part of the stomach where ghrelin is produced.
Global Markets Direct's, 'Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor Type 1 (GHS-R or GH-Releasing Peptide Receptor or GHRP or Ghrelin Receptor or GHSR) - Pipeline Review, H1 2016', provides in depth analysis on Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor Type 1 (GHS-R or GH-Releasing Peptide Receptor or GHRP or Ghrelin Receptor or GHSR) targeted pipeline therapeutics.
The company added that Entyce, which is a ghrelin receptor agonist, is a new chemical entity and is a first-of-its-kind therapeutic to treat inappetence in dogs.
Leptin and ghrelin are two crucial hormones that play a major role in energy balance and weight loss.
Ghrelin is a gut/brain peptide comprising 28 amino acids and is originally identified as the endogenous ligand of the growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHSR) (1, 2).