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Variant of gutra.
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Candles cast a warm glow inside the Parish Hall as Ghareeb proceeded in jet-black robes and a starched-white ghutra, while hymns floated gently from the choir.
Besides, a must for a desert trek such as this, is the Ghutra, and a Kashmiri Ghutra at that for it provides warmth at night.
When he gave me the card he was trying to cover his face with his ghutra and when I asked him if that was his name on the card he said yes and I asked him again and he said yes.
Immediately, a silhouette of the Saudi king in his majestic thawb, bisht and ghutra, fashioned out of Arabic letters, catches the eye.
His Instagram account features a video of him dancing with kandoora and ghutra - the traditional Emirati costume.
The Cassation Court had convicted Abdullah of kidnapping the Jordanian boy Obaida Sedqi from his father's auto repair shop in Sharjah on May 20 of last year and driving him to Al Mamzar beachside where he raped him and then strangled him with a red ghutra to death in his car.
Issam leaned down to the ground, briskly picking up his ghutra and egal that had fallen off during his assault on her.
Mooney, a national of Equatorial Guinea, delivered his rowing uniform, Holy Quran, Ghutra, African belt and other gear to United Arab Emirates (UAE) New York City Consulate as a final tribute to His Highness, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Ruler of Abu Dhabi and Founding President of the UAE on Wednesday.
Ask anyone from our directors to our admin the difference in Arab men's fashion (the ghutra and kandura), and they can explain how (and why) Qataris wear it a certain way, Saudis another, and Emiratis yet another.
The smart groom will also receive a swish matrimonial bisht, ghutra, agal, kabak and pen from Al Kabak, plus a BD30 voucher to be used at Panache Men Spa & Saloon.
During the two-day workshop, children from Zayed Higher Organisation taught people step-by-step methods on how to create jewellery, stitch an Arabic ghutra and designs for antiques.
Some men tried to act smart by hiding their mobile phones under their ghutra, but in general, people will drive better now because they can't afford to pay these higher fines.