giant crab

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Noun1.giant crab - very large deep-water Japanese crabgiant crab - very large deep-water Japanese crab
spider crab - any of numerous crabs with very long legs and small triangular bodies
genus Macrocheira, Macrocheira - giant crabs of Japan
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During the second shark encounter at Santa Cruz Island, a giant crab stole the show when it sauntered into camera view.
A giant crab statue honours the thousands of critters which pass through in spring on their way to the sea.
But he was interrupted when he was bitten by a giant crab and turned and went home, leaving the bridge unfinished.
Dear Flipper, I was pleased with your letter regarding the mystery surrounding the reappearance of giant crabs in Bahrain, 'Giant crab mystery solved', (GDN, August 17).
Hoax claims that a giant crab had been spotted in Bahrain were nothing more than a publicity stunt, it has emerged.
That giant crab, believed by some to be a "Spider Crab", possibly imported from the Far East, has been seen in Hilbre Island's Ladies' Cave many times over the years.
A GIANT crab which escaped being cooked to death after spending five days in a fridge is making an impressive recovery.
Also sharing the same roof is her eccentric brother who - cue eye rolls - hides from the world in a giant crab shell.
Inside the gallery workshops you can even become your own machinist - pulling levers and cranking handles to work sea creatures like deep-sea lanternfish, giant crab, pirate fish and squid.
He also designed a giant crab sculpture at Los Jameos del Agua, a house built into a cave where he once lived, now a museum and visitor centre occupied by tiny albino crabs.