giant hornet

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Noun1.giant hornet - European hornet introduced into the United Statesgiant hornet - European hornet introduced into the United States
hornet - large stinging paper wasp
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But an Asian giant hornet nest was discovered in Gloucestershire on Tuesday - the first such discovery on British soil.
ANOTHER giant hornet bigger than a 50p piece has been spotted in Coventry.
The Japanese giant hornet is not the largest insect in the world, but perhaps the most fierce.
The invading insect - thought to be an Asian giant hornet - began dive bombing 74-year-old Peter Wilkinson while he was repairing the roof of his shed.
A rare spate of giant hornet attacks across northwest China has left 42 people dead and more than 1,600 injured, state officials have said.
Nothing beats slamming a giant hornet into an ogre-type beast and dragging the ogre off its feet, or simply using the precision aim to fire off a volley of damaging shots.
For instance, sympatric Japanese honeybees have evolved a unique ability to kill their natural enemy, the Japanese giant hornet, with thermal energy.
On closer inspection, Jake was shocked to find it was actually a giant hornet around two inches in length.
3 GIANT HORNET HONEYA combination of natural athleticism and strength of character are key requirements for anyone hoping to become either governor of Texas or a successful field sales operative.
8 km (49 mi), but to a Japanese sports drink--made with the stomach secretions of giant hornet larvae, maggot-like insect babies also called "grubs.
The biggest, the giant hornet, can be up to three centimetres long and terrifies people across Europe and the Northeastern USA.
When, after his death aged seventy in 1936, the time came for the writing of Kipling's 'official life', not so much a fly as a giant hornet in the biographical ointment was his formidable and fussily post-mortem protective daughter, Mrs.