gibberellic acid

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gib·ber·el·lic acid

A plant hormone, C19H22O6, that promotes processes such as seed germination, flowering, and stem elongation. It is also present in certain fungi.

[From gibberellin.]

gibberellic acid

(Botany) a slightly soluble crystalline plant hormone first isolated from the fungus Gibberella fujikuroi: a gibberellin. Formula: C19H22O6
[C20: from New Latin Gibberella, literally: a little hump, from Latin gibber hump + -ic]

gib′ber•el′lic ac′id

(ˈdʒɪb əˈrɛl ɪk, ˌdʒɪb-)
a gibberellin, C19H22O6, produced as a metabolite by the fungus Gibberella fujikuroi, used as a stimulator of plant growth.
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Noun1.gibberellic acid - a crystalline acid associated with gibberellin
gibberellin - a plant hormone isolated from a fungus; used in promoting plant growth
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Effect of gibberellic acid and cycocel on growth, yield and protein content of pea.
For endogenous levels of gibberellic acid (GA3), indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) and zeatin, the extraction and purification procedures adapted were as described by Kettner and Doerffling (1995) and Pan et al.
This study aimed to evaluate the effects of different doses of ethephon or gibberellic acid on in vitro development of sugarcane seedlings.
The results showed that the fruit diameter and length, single fruit weight, endogenous hormone levels, and CsEXP 10 gene expression levels were all higher in pollinated fruits than in unpollinated ovaries, and CsEXP 10 gene expression levels were positively correlated with indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), but negatively correlated with gibberellic acid (GA3) and abscisic acid (ABA).
Thus, optimizing pre- harvest management practices such as application of gibberellic acid and harvesting the fruit at physiological maturity increase the storage life of plum fruit (Valero et al.
Effect of seed soaking in gibberellic acid on germination: Lots of 100 freshlycollected and stored seeds were soaked for 24 h at room temperature in a gibberellic acid (Sigma- Aldrich, UK) solution ([GA.
In overcoming dormancy, GA3 is widely used to break seed dormancy of various plant species, when treatment with high concentrations of GA is effective in overcoming dormancy and causing rapid germination of seed [17] Gibberellic acid ([GA.
Besides these sweet glycosides stevia is also a nutrient rich herb containing substantial amount of other nutrients like 80 to 85 per cent water protein fibre amino acids free sugars iminosugar steviamine lipids essential oils ascorbic acid beta carotene riboflavin thiamine austroinulin nilacin rebaudi oxides gibberellic acid indole-3-acetonitrile apigenin quercetin isoquercitrin luteolin miocene kaempferol stigmasterol xanthophyllus umbeliferone chlorogenic acid caffeic acid dicaffeoylquinic acid chromium cobalt magnesium iron potassium phosphorus and trace elements.
To evaluate the difference gibberellic acid (GA3) induces on the growth of the explants and on the development of new branches/shoots we used this gibberellin (5 mg L-1) with and without glutamine (gln 150 mg L-1) and/or casein hydrolysate (CNH 100 mg L-1) as given below:Equation