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Adj.1.gibbose - (used of the moon) more than half full
bulging, convex - curving or bulging outward
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The species of the genus Scybalophagus can be recognized from other New World canthonines by the following combination of characters: Medium to small size, color black, with or without copper reflections; clypeus bidentate (with two small medial teeth), teeth separated by U-shaped emargination, or cuadridentate (with two small medial teeth and smaller, lateral teeth); head lacking horns or tubercles; pronotum strongly transverse; elytra convex, lateral and apical margins rounded, lacking carinae; pygidium longer than wide, basal margin angulose; metasternum gibbose in middle; protibiae tridentate, with denticles on basal half; meso- and metatibiae with well developed transversal carinae on apical third (Figs.