(gĭd′ē-ŭp′) also gid·dy·ap (-ăp′, -ŭp′) or gid·dap (gĭ-dăp′, -dŭp′)
Used to command a horse to go ahead or go at a faster pace.

[Alteration of get up.]


Colloquial for Giddap.
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GateHouse giddyup (Part One): At GateHouse Media, Bill Church has been named southeast regional editor, a new role; he remains executive editor at the company's Sarasota Herald-Tribune in Florida, a job he's held for 2-1/2 years.
The show exclusively premiered the Giddyup range of equestrian clothing.
Also with booths will be the local boutiques featured in the style show: The Crossing, Celebrations, Pookie Jane's, Uptown Chic, Gruene with Envy & Giddyup, Garden of Youth and the Blue Artichoke.
The Giddyup 2 had set off earlier from Conwy Marina and was carrying two men and a woman, who were all in their 20s.
GIDDYUP GET-UPS Racegoers at Ladies' Day yesterday.
If you regularly drive south on Interstate 5 and take Exit 192, the University of Oregon/Franklin Boulevard exit, there's going to be a little hitch in your giddyup come Monday.
But even with this power boost, the Escape is lacking in the giddyup factor.
Denver is about as outdoorsy as it gets, so giddyup to the REI flagship store to shake out the convention cobwebs by climbing the store's 47-foot rock wall.
But Tristan's horse, Biscuit, ignores his command to giddyup.
Emile Hirsch and Elisha Cuthbert pool talents in Girl Next Door; The desert orchids giddyup in Hidalgo; Queen Latifah tells it like it is in Barbershop 2
He does a two-step in a circle, exaggerating it, but his second pass, a ragtime tap, that's more his style, a riding style from the hip down, quiet through the leg, giddyup in the heel.
Yee-hah, giddyup and put on the grits--the rodeo's coming to town, 52 times a year courtesy of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and its Web site (www.