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 (jĭg′ət, zhē-gō′)
1. A leg of mutton, lamb, or veal for cooking.
2. A leg-of-mutton sleeve.

[French, from Old French, diminutive of gigue, fiddle, from Middle High German gīge, from Old High German gīga.]


(ˈʒiːɡəʊ; ˈdʒɪɡət)
1. (Cookery) a leg of lamb or mutton
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a leg-of-mutton sleeve
[C16: from Old French: leg, a small fiddle, from gigue a fiddle, of Germanic origin]


(ˈdʒɪg ət, ʒiˈgoʊ)

1. a leg-of-mutton sleeve.
2. a leg of lamb or mutton.
[1520–30; < Middle French, appar. diminutive of gigue fiddle (< Germanic; compare Old High German gīga kind of fiddle); so called in allusion to its shape]
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Noun1.gigot - lamb leg suitable for roastinggigot - lamb leg suitable for roasting  
leg - the limb of an animal used for food
lamb roast, roast lamb - a cut of lamb suitable for roasting


[ˈʒiːgəʊ, ˈdʒɪgət] N (Culin) → gigot m


n (old)Hammelkeule f; gigot chop (Scot) → Hammelkotelett nt (mit Mark im Knochen)
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At the time whereof we are writing, though the Great George was on the throne and ladies wore gigots and large combs like tortoise- shell shovels in their hair, instead of the simple sleeves and lovely wreaths which are actually in fashion, the manners of the very polite world were not, I take it, essentially different from those of the present day: and their amusements pretty similar.
CLASSY Catalans Dragons centre Tony Gigot scored two tries as France secured runners-up spot in the European Championship, with a 32-18 win in front of 6,000 fans at the Parc des Sports d'Avignon.
France (from): J-P Baille (Bradford), G Springer (Castleford), J Bousquet, M Escare, D Cardace, A Maria, T Gigot (Catalans Dragons), F Rouanet (Lezignan), J Boudebza, K Larroyer (Hull KR), W Barthau (London Broncos), R Marginet, U Perez, S Robin, J Sigismeau (St Esteve), T Fages (St Helens), C Boyer (Toulouse), M Simon (Wakefield), B Jullien (Warrington).
In the second half smart work from Tony Gigot and Elliott Whitehead allowed Bosc to grab his second in the corner, before Inu completed his double with another athletic take.
The Catalans opened the scoring in the 12th minute, when Dureau's neat kick to the in-goal area was touched down by Tony Gigot.
Briscoe opened the scoring in the fourth minute (below) before Catalans responded with tries for Tony Gigot and Morgan Escare.
Sneyd saw his pass picked off by Tony Gigot, who raced away to score.
Tony Gigot and Zeb Taia bagged hat-tricks and Paddy Power make either player a 50-1 chance to repeat the feat today.
Chris brings a wealth of technology experience and healthcare knowledge to our team at Vennli," said Gary Gigot, Vennli's Co-founder and CEO.
In come Avignon pair Tony Gigot and Benjamin Julien along with Hull KR acquisition this week, exciting Lezignan hooker John Boudebza.
Some other treatments for Peyronie's disease, named after Francois Gigot de la Peyronie, the physician who described it in 1743, included injections, stretching, electrical treatment, vacuum devices and laser surgery.
Paris, Muharram 6, 1435, Nov 9, 2013, SPA -- Tunisian Foreign Minister Osman Al-Jarandi met in Paris today, with the President of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the French Parliament Elizabeth Gigot, on the sidelines of the Francophone Ministerial Symposium.