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With a car this colourful, that would surely be gilding the lily.
With a car this colourful that would be gilding the lily.
With a car this colourful, that would be gilding the lily.
I fear I'm in danger of gilding the lily 6 Should I plant my lily bulbs now or wait a while?
One day, unless action is taken, there is a serious danger to life - and that is certainly not gilding the lily.
Dodeca had no real need to prove its funk-rock credibility on its debut album, "Carved of Arcs'' -- the music speaks for itself Co but throwing in a musical quote from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a cover of a Hoodoo Gurus song at the end would be practically gilding the lily, if the album weren't so delicious.
Bikram VohraWhen UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos Friday called on the international community to help Lebanon address the Syrian refugee crisis she was only gilding the lily.
His Mozart playing, this time the fourth and fifth violin concertos, was better; neat and stylish, never stirring the pulses but not subjecting these light galant works to virtuoso overkill (Anne-Sophie Mutter style) by gilding the lily and adorning it with knobs.
I think it's gilding the lily a touch, given the sweetness of the dessert itself, but it's up to you entirely.
I'm all for celebrating Taggart but it doesn't take a great detective to work out that calling it 30 Years of Taggart on TV (STV, Friday) is gilding the lily, given the last new episodes were screened way back in 2010.
Then again, flavoring whiskey is seen as gilding the lily to purists.
But, he adds, do too much research and "you're in danger of gilding the lily.