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(gĭlt′ĕjd′) also gilt-edge (-ĕj′)
1. Having gilded edges, as the pages of a book.
2. Of the highest quality or value: gilt-edged securities; gilt-edged credentials.
3. Very wealthy: "Barricades prevented the curious from coming any closer to the gathering of gilt-edged mourners" (Edward Rothstein).
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Dale Griffiths brought the Martyrs level with a header from Danny Carter's corner on 69 minutes and Paul Keddle and Craig Steins both failed to hit the target with gilt-edge opportunities minutes later.
Somehow, the first half remained goalless despite County having three gilt-edge chances in the first quarter of an hour with Martin Paul, Jeff Eckhardt and loan signing Lee Phillips all failing to find the target.
THE MARTYRS surrendered a goal lead and numerous gilt-edge opportunities to fall to their fourth defeat of the season at home to recently promoted Tiverton Town, substitute Anthony Lynch grabbing the winner deep into injury time.