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n. pl. gim·mick·ries
1. An array or abundance of gimmicks.
2. The use of gimmicks.


or gim•mick•ery

(ˈgɪm ɪk ri)

1. the use of gimmicks.
2. an abundance of gimmicks.
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Noun1.gimmickry - a collection of gimmicks
aggregation, collection, accumulation, assemblage - several things grouped together or considered as a whole


[ˈgɪmɪkrɪ] Ntrucos mpl


[ˈgɪmɪkri] ntrucs mpl


nEffekthascherei f; (in advertising, sales) → Gags pl; (= gadgetry)Spielereien pl
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Trillanes also branded as another drama and gimmickry the resignation of presidential son Paolo Duterte as vice mayor of Davao City.
LAHORE -- Punjab Chief Minister Mohammad Shehbaz Sharif on Wednesday said politics was no gimmickry but a selfless service to people.
Facts are for all to see; Indian Authorities are inflicting unimaginable physical harm and permanent disability on unarmed civilians of Indian occupied Kashmir, and no amount of gimmickry can change that.
He raged: "In its bilious cladding, chaotic form, and frenzied facades, it exhibits the absolute worst in shambolic architectural design and cheap visual gimmickry.
com, said: "British smartphone users are wise to gimmickry.
Gastro gimmickry has gone into overdrive in the last few years" - MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace.
She has said that the gimmickry of the BJP was not going to help it in elections.
Further animated evidence that 3D gimmickry can't improve a rickety script.
they left us instead the gimmickry of the Thinktank and the high cost of buying tickets to enter it.
But in his refreshing honesty about reviewing books on Radio 4 without having read them or the madness of being a dad to three boys under the age of four, the human touch outweighs any sense of gimmickry.
Mr Barton said: "The risk is that it all smacks of gimmickry.
We as a nation have a dysfunctional relationship with food and farming, complaining about the price of the marvels available to nourish us while throwing money happily down the drain of digital gimmickry.