ginger beer

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ginger beer

1. A mildly alcoholic fermented beverage flavored with ginger.
2. Ginger ale.

ginger beer

(Brewing) a slightly alcoholic drink made by fermenting a mixture of syrup and root ginger

gin′ger beer′

a soft drink similar to ginger ale but containing more ginger flavor.
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Noun1.ginger beer - carbonated slightly alcoholic drink flavored with fermented gingerginger beer - carbonated slightly alcoholic drink flavored with fermented ginger
beverage, drinkable, potable, drink - any liquid suitable for drinking; "may I take your beverage order?"
zázvorové pivo


(ˈdʒindʒə) noun
a hot-tasting root which is used as a spice.
1. flavoured with ginger.
2. reddish-brown in colour. a ginger cat.
ginger ale, ginger beer
a type of non-alcoholic drink flavoured with ginger.
ˈgingerbread noun
(a) cake flavoured with treacle and ginger.
References in classic literature ?
Gallantry often led young men to offer the ladies ginger beer, but common decency made them refuse.
An enterprising sweet-stuff dealer in the Chobham Road had sent up his son with a barrow-load of green apples and ginger beer.
39, Asda BEST FOR A KICK Fiery ginger beer (2ltr), 75p, Waitrose.
The book focuses on key mixers--including tonic, lemonade, ginger ale, ginger beer and cola--and provides 125 classic and contemporary cocktail recipes that make the most of the botanical partnerships.
is heating up the soft drink aisle with the introduction of Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer and Ginger Ale.
Fever-Tree, which specialises in selling mixers such as ginger beer and Sicilian lemonade, said its performance was driven by the UK, where it saw "exceptional growth of 113%".
For one driver, Billy Bell, I had an extra job when I had finished my shift, filling crates with ginger beer, hops and mineral bottles and small bottles called splits.
Reed's, maker of Virgil's Root Beer and Reed's Ginger Beer, recently introduced 7-ounce bottles in a 4-pack targeted for cocktail mixing.
5% ABV, 284ml bottle, available at Discount Supermarket, Whitchurch Road The Desnoe and Geddes Brewery of Jamaica were founded in 1918 and are famous for producing Red Stripe Lager and the non-alcoholic Jamaican Ginger Beer in cans.
They have a "Mule" List (Mules are ginger beer based cocktails) and make their ginger beer in house with fresh ginger and lemon juice.
IT'S A drink enjoyed by hundreds of Grand National race-goers - but did you know that Crabbie's Ginger Beer is made right here in Liverpool?
Fentimans was established in 1905 and uses natural botanicals to make upmarket soft drinks which include ginger beer, Victorian lemonade, traditional tonic waters and its "curiosity" cola.