ginger beer

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ginger beer

1. A mildly alcoholic fermented beverage flavored with ginger.
2. Ginger ale.

ginger beer

(Brewing) a slightly alcoholic drink made by fermenting a mixture of syrup and root ginger

gin′ger beer′

a soft drink similar to ginger ale but containing more ginger flavor.
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Noun1.ginger beer - carbonated slightly alcoholic drink flavored with fermented gingerginger beer - carbonated slightly alcoholic drink flavored with fermented ginger
beverage, drinkable, potable, drink - any liquid suitable for drinking; "may I take your beverage order?"
zázvorové pivo


(ˈdʒindʒə) noun
a hot-tasting root which is used as a spice.
1. flavoured with ginger.
2. reddish-brown in colour. a ginger cat.
ginger ale, ginger beer
a type of non-alcoholic drink flavoured with ginger.
ˈgingerbread noun
(a) cake flavoured with treacle and ginger.
References in classic literature ?
An enterprising sweet-stuff dealer in the Chobham Road had sent up his son with a barrow-load of green apples and ginger beer.
He wrinkled his nose in a puzzled way at the dishes offered to him by the waiter but refused none, devouring the food with a great appetite and drinking ("swilling" Fyne called it) gallons of ginger beer, which was procured for him (in stone bottles) at his request.
The popularity of the Dark and Stormy on cocktail menus has led to the use of higher-end ginger beers at the bar, say bar managers.
We have milds, bitters, lagers, stouts, porters, even fruit and ginger beers," said organiser John Crossling.