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Characteristic of or befitting a girl: girlish charm.

girl′ish·ly adv.
girl′ish·ness n.
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Adv.1.girlishly - like a girl; "she was girlishly shy"


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Vera was a handsome girl of twenty; Sonya a girl of sixteen with all the charm of an opening flower; Natasha, half grown up and half child, was now childishly amusing, now girlishly enchanting.
Cannavale is a pathetic and ineffectual villain and Jonas is surplus to requirements but his chisel-jawed presence allows Black to fawn girlishly to scene-stealing effect and inject some unexpected homoeroticism to the testosterone-heavy tomfoolery.
The section on Adam Bede of necessity concentrates upon the characters of Hetty and Dinah, one flighty and girlishly erotic, the other studious and caring.
With his hair grown girlishly long, and a beard to match, and eyes peering out more in sadness than anger, Huston's Judah resembles no one so much as George Harrison on the cover of "All Things Must Pass.
It isn't a shame that a girl shows herself to be happy and girlishly enthusiastic at being praised for her beauty or her sex appeal, rather than be modest and self-deprecating.
As the camera zooms in on Vivian's lithe body, she twirls girlishly in each glamorous outfit, clearly having the time of her life.
The girlishly beautiful singer, real name Peter Robinson, stood out from the likes of Duran Duran, Phil Collins, and Paul Weller with his yellow tracksuit and long bleach-blond hair.
He could only exist between two sets of tears: "really manly, held back, it's true, but girlishly stubborn at the same time
Had the Bell's reviewer remembered that the source of Fuseli's painting was the Inferno, he could have attacked Fuseli for representing the boy in Ugolino's arms so girlishly.
The camera follows Isabelle as she traipses girlishly, beautifully in her red dress, then as she traipses in her green dress.
Breathlessly, not because she was girlishly overexcited about her upcoming UAE debut (although she's very much looking forward to it, she said).
While the Gulf of Aden is nowadays being patrolled by foreign navies, including Chinese and Indian ones, the leaders of GCC are busy enjoying their tasteless hobbies of betting on kiddies camel riders or hawk hunting if they are not girlishly whining over the growing power and influence of Iran, their other favorite pastime