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Verb1.give rise - cause to happen, occur or exist; "This procedure produces a curious effect"; "The new law gave rise to many complaints"; "These chemicals produce a noxious vapor"; "the new President must bring about a change in the health care system"
create, make - make or cause to be or to become; "make a mess in one's office"; "create a furor"
induct, induce - produce electric current by electrostatic or magnetic processes
lead, result, leave - have as a result or residue; "The water left a mark on the silk dress"; "Her blood left a stain on the napkin"
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There are not more than five musical notes, yet the combinations of these five give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard.
In battle, there are not more than two methods of attack--the direct and the indirect; yet these two in combination give rise to an endless series of maneuvers.
But I resolved by no means to consent to their publication during my lifetime, lest either the oppositions or the controversies to which they might give rise, or even the reputation, such as it might be, which they would acquire for me, should be any occasion of my losing the time that I had set apart for my own improvement.
He thought, too, that if we parted with the chaplet it might give rise to gossip and finally bring us into trouble.
N) official has opined that weak regulation could give rise to another financial crisis soon, according to Reuters.
One such exception is for liabilities whose payment would give rise to a deduction (Sec.
Nawaz, talking to a delegation at his Raiwind residence on Friday, maintained that the policies which give rise to inflation in the country, multiply problems of the poor in terms of price hike, etc.
They found the cells that give rise to the muscles of the ventricles--the chambers that pump blood out of the heart--in mice and said they will try to use this information to turn ordinary skin or blood cells into this important heart tissue.
Summary: The European gas demand is so "huge" that it should not give rise to any fears from the most important supplier countries, Algerian Energy and Mining Minister Chakib Khelil said Wednesday in an interview with daily "WGC News" on the sidelines of the the World Gas Conference in Buenos Aires (Argentina).
Quite unfairly, in my view, a breach of these rules does not give rise to a defence in law.
Just as the Marshall Plan was expansive and ambitious, so, too, must our efforts to eliminate the conditions that give rise to the gang culture.
If alliance members are found to be operating in a joint venture, that might give rise to vicarious liability for those members.