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1. A concession made by a labor union during contract negotiations: "The contract ... which called for a giveback of five sick days, was defeated by a ratio of more than 2 to 1" (New York Times).
2. Something that is rebated or returned: a tax giveback.


(Commerce) commerce US a reduction in wages in return for some other benefit, in time of recession


or give′-back`,

1. (in union negotiations) a reduction in employee wages or benefits conceded by a union in exchange for other benefits or in recognition of depressed economic conditions.
2. something returned, rebated, etc.
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He said in the morning shootaround: "You always want to try to give some giveback.
Other Acts forged new partnerships with organizations supporting the community, such as the Thanksgiving meal donation to Northern Virginia Project GiveBack.
All 63 Beasley owned-and-operated radio stations will participate in the community giveback.
com)-- Teambrown Apparel is proud to announce Friends of Jaclyn as the premier member of their new Giveback Partner Program, where customers can "Buy Great Things Do Great Things.
While we're small, and the absolute numbers are modest, Giveback should scale as we do.
The Giveback clause is where Lemonade determines how much money it has remaining after all fees, claims, reserves, required surplus and reinsurance are paid.
I think our giveback is that we really hope to take this play to as many places as it's feasible to take it.
This project is the second to be delivered under the BMT Giveback banner, an initiative conceived to celebrate BMTs Silver Jubilee and formed to use the skills of staff to better the lives of people through charitable, sustainable projects, all of which are suggested, developed and delivered by staff.
As part of the revamp, Ooredoo has introduced a host of giveback options, so that data that is not used can be refunded or carried over to the next pack.
FITCHBURG -- Workers' Credit Union's Charitable GiveBack Fund has made a $15,000 contribution to the YMCA of Central Massachusetts.
We are pleased that 2014 is able to end on such a high note and that we are again able to surpass the previous year's historic Member Giveback Rebate and Reward rates.
However, if at this point the two parties receive the same size of cake, the task is over, if not, then the giveback process starts.