giving medication

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: medication - the act of administering medicationgiving medication - the act of administering medication
medication - the act of treating with medicines or remedies
drip feed - the administration of a solution (blood or saline or plasma etc.) one drop at a time
drugging, sedation - the administration of a sedative agent or drug
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Adam faces a further six charges including giving medication to the wrong patient at the Lindisfarne Nursing Home, in Throckley, on October 1 2011.
The charity said that understanding about the condition among hospital staff remains "woefully inadequate" after the survey also found that a third of sufferers believed that staff had a "poor understanding" of the importance of giving medication for the condition on time.
The nurse also admitted other charges of failing to give an adequate verbal handover to nursing colleagues, gave oral medication to a patient classified as 'nil by mouth' and even gave out patient drugs even when she was later suspended from giving medication.
At least take correct measures in checking and giving medication.
Before I Want Revenge's impressive victory at Aqueduct on Saturday, the Mullins-trained Gato Go Win was scratched by the stewards from a Grade 3 race after New York Racing Association officials reported the trainer had been observed giving medication in the security barn.
The process of giving medication in an acute care hospital is an example of chaos principles.
Mr Goss said the procedures for giving medication were changed after the events, with two staff members to administer the drugs at all times.
The "attendance" part of the role means setting up the chamber, being inside with the patients, assisting them with oxygen delivery, giving medication and ensuring they are comfortable.
Almost half the homes for the elderly in this country have inadequate systems for giving medication to their residents.
The money will be spent on equipment for giving medication to patients on B3 East ward.
Legislation stops them from giving medication, injections or inserting breathing tubes - even if it could save lives.
COUNCIL care staff at a South Wales hostel have been banned from giving medication to disabled children after a series of blunders.