glacial boulder

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Noun1.glacial boulder - a boulder that has been carried by a glacier to a place far distant from its place of origin
boulder, bowlder - a large smooth mass of rock detached from its place of origin
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Visitors see the glacial boulder on a geology field trip and, below, dog training on |the Chase (picture by Steve Welch)
The Pandon Burn is commemorated by a sculpture, formed from a glacial boulder, called Give and Take in Trinity Gardens On the East Quayside, and Pillar Man, a bronze work next to the Northumbria University Gallery.
Its extensive wetlands, sunny meadows and shady forests are home to a historic oak tree, a huge glacial boulder and an exciting variety of birds, mammals, butterflies, salamanders and other wild treasures.
It may have been a reject from a nearby quarry, or a cast-off from the glacial boulder scatter on the top of the hill - but at the moment, all bets are off.
The discovery of glacial boulder debris exhibiting over 10% Zinc remains the impetus to further explore this property.
The Radford Boulder, a glacial boulder, first blown up by dynamite in 1913, then reassembled, placed in Radford churchyard and blown up again in the Blitz.
It was all over in the blink of an eye for those watching as 93 cyclists, who climbed the hill from nearby Brocton, crossed the line near the Chase's Ice Age Glacial Boulder in a matter of seconds before charging off to the outskirts of Rugeley and back to Stoke-on-Trent, where the day's 146.