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 (glā′shē-āt′, -sē-)
tr.v. gla·ci·at·ed, gla·ci·at·ing, gla·ci·ates
a. To cover with ice or a glacier.
b. To subject to or affect by glacial action.
2. To freeze.

[Latin glaciāre, glaciāt-, to freeze, from glaciēs, ice; see gel- in Indo-European roots.]

gla′ci·a′tion n.


(Geological Science) covered with glaciers or masses of ice
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Adj.1.glaciated - covered with ice (as by a glacier) or affected by glacial action
frozen - turned into ice; affected by freezing or by long and severe cold; "the frozen North"; "frozen pipes"; "children skating on a frozen brook"


adj (= covered with glaciers)gletscherbedeckt, vergletschert; (= eroded by glaciers)durch Gletschertätigkeit entstanden
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The nearer ground was strewn with glaciated boulders and supported nothing but a stunted Alpine vegetation of compact clustering stems and stalkless flowers.
These two heavily glaciated ranges dominate the views when you lift your eyes from the lakes, and are home to grizzly and black bears, moose, and mountain goats.
While southern Ontario and Quebec were glaciated, the weight of the ice, up to 2 kilometres thick, actually tilted the land so that it sloped down to the east.
This fascinating book provides a history of Wytham Woods accessible to professionals and general readers alike, from its glaciated beginnings to recent controversies over land-use practices that eventually wrestled control of the estate from the Oxford University Forestry Department, whose management focused entirely on improving the quantity of timber production, to a committee representing the interests of the broader university, thus opening up the estate to a wide range of ecological investigations.
Introduced into the South Island's glaciated landscape, European rabbits prospered exponentially, evidently finding ideal habitat and no significant predators to control their sheer volume.
Contract notice: Delivery of equipment for complex research and monitoring hydrological and hydrochemical glaciated catchments and niezlodowaconych in the polar regions (ref.
The whole planet would become glaciated and its mean temperature drops to as low as minus 45C.
The A level group in particular went to Cwm Idwal to study a glaciated area and this made the study day all the more beneficial.
Water shortages could exacerbate once the glaciated area comprising
Water shortages could exacerbate once the glaciated area comprising over 5,000 glaciers, shrink in the coming decades and the possible extinction of some alpine flora and fauna would be more pronounced negative impact, Dr.
Located just two hours north of Sacramento and three hours northeast of San Francisco and filled with mountain ranges, glaciated volcanoes and over 200 miles of trails from foothills to high-country granite slabs, Redding and Shasta Cascade offer spectacular nighttime journeys.
Daily's post-firing techniques involve grinding the heavily grogged clay body to give it a worn surface, granitic and glaciated, followed by rubbing it with multiple coats of an oil-based compound that fills the clay's pores, as if the pieces had been handled ceremonially by generations of shamans.