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 (glā′shē-āt′, -sē-)
tr.v. gla·ci·at·ed, gla·ci·at·ing, gla·ci·ates
a. To cover with ice or a glacier.
b. To subject to or affect by glacial action.
2. To freeze.

[Latin glaciāre, glaciāt-, to freeze, from glaciēs, ice; see gel- in Indo-European roots.]

gla′ci·a′tion n.


(Geological Science) covered with glaciers or masses of ice
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Adj.1.glaciated - covered with ice (as by a glacier) or affected by glacial action
frozen - turned into ice; affected by freezing or by long and severe cold; "the frozen North"; "frozen pipes"; "children skating on a frozen brook"


adj (= covered with glaciers)gletscherbedeckt, vergletschert; (= eroded by glaciers)durch Gletschertätigkeit entstanden
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The nearer ground was strewn with glaciated boulders and supported nothing but a stunted Alpine vegetation of compact clustering stems and stalkless flowers.
Dark, wood-panelled and undeniably authentic, this imposing hotel dates back 200 years and its history is inextricably linked to the roads and also the railways that traverse these imposing, glaciated mountains.
This provides the outstanding opportunity to generate high-quality coupled co2 and temperature reconstructions for the ice-free early eocene and the warm but glaciated middle miocene at unprecedented resolution.
The expected output of the projects is the establishment on-form irrigation system that ensures efficient use of water, achieves enhanced productivity of fields, improving processing capability and strengthen the monitoring of river flows and the weather conditions in the glaciated area of the Upper Indus Basin.
Our findings support the notion that geothermal areas - including subglacial environments - can nurture biodiversity in glaciated regions," the authors wrote.
On this day in 1999, the Indian Army successfully took control of posts at a treacherous high altitude and glaciated terrain across the Himalayas in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, after fighting for 60 days.
However, localized events of rainfall coupled with rapid melting in the glaciated regions of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral may trigger Glacier Lake Outbrust Flood (GLOF) events.
After three arduous days in the saddle, we finally set a base camp in a sun-trap with a lively stream running nearby and a graceful, glaciated corrie sitting above us.
Current holdings are a washed, glaciated sand and aggregate under a License of Occupation permit that contains 73.
Since the Indian forces are not only occupying this glaciated terrain but also causing a havoc to ecological balance of the entire area.
It's a bold claim, but one that the magnificent hanging glaciated valley more than lives up to.
About 70 water samples were collected from 70 different locations of upper Indus basin, glaciated valleys, and nallas from Gilgit/Biltistan.