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glad 1

adj. glad·der, glad·dest
a. Experiencing or exhibiting joy and pleasure.
b. Appreciative: was glad to be home.
2. Providing joy and pleasure: a glad occasion.
3. Very willing; pleased: glad to help.
tr. & intr.v. glad·ded, glad·ding, glads Archaic
To gladden.

[Middle English, from Old English glæd; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.]

glad′ly adv.
glad′ness n.
Synonyms: glad1, happy, cheerful, lighthearted, joyful, joyous
These adjectives mean being in or showing good spirits. Glad often refers to the feeling that results from the gratification of a wish or from satisfaction with immediate circumstances: "They were smiling, lifting their hands to me, glad to be together, glad to see me" (Wendell Berry).
Happy applies to a feeling of pleasure, satisfaction, or joy: "Ask yourself whether you are happy, and you cease to be so" (John Stuart Mill).
Cheerful suggests characteristic good spirits: a cheerful volunteer.
Lighthearted stresses the absence of care: "We knew that things were hard for our Bohemian neighbors, but the two girls were lighthearted and never complained" (Willa Cather).
Joyful and joyous suggest lively, often exultant happiness: a joyful heart; joyous laughter.

glad 2

n. Botany
A gladiolus.
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Noun1.gladness - experiencing joy and pleasure
happiness - emotions experienced when in a state of well-being


A condition of supreme well-being and good spirits:
فَرَح، بَهْجَه


[ˈglædnɪs] Nalegría f, gozo m (liter)


[ˈglædnɪs] njoie fglad tidings npl (= good news) → bonne nouvelle


n (= joy)Freude f; (= relief)Erleichterung f; an occasion of great gladnessein sehr freudiger Anlass


[ˈglædnɪs] ncontentezza, felicità


(glӕd) adjective
pleased or happy. I'm very glad that you are here; the glad smiles of the children.
ˈgladden verb
to make glad. The news gladdened her.
ˈgladly adverb
I'd gladly help but I have too many other things to do.
ˈgladness noun
glad rags
a person's best clothes, worn for special occasions. I'll get my glad rags on for the party.
References in classic literature ?
At efening I shall gif a little lesson with much gladness, for look you, Mees Marsch, I haf this debt to pay.
In her aspect there was a familiar gladness, and a holiness that you could play with, and yet reverence it as much as ever.
Before the barn door strutted the gallant cock, that pattern of a husband, a warrior and a fine gentleman, clapping his burnished wings and crowing in the pride and gladness of his heart, --sometimes tearing up the earth with his feet, and then generously calling his ever-hungry family of wives and children to enjoy the rich morsel which he had discovered.
Out of this revelation, part by part, at last came out the four acts of the gladness, and the one long, and as yet uncatastrophied fifth act of the grief of his life's drama.
The next second Clarence had slipped from some place of con- cealment and was pouring news into my ear, his eyes beaming with triumph and gladness.
It was enough to break a person all up, to see Cathy's radiant face shining out through her gladness and tears.
He surveyed the fence, and all gladness left him and a deep mel- ancholy settled down upon his spirit.
Up in his room he hugged me, he was so out of his head for gladness because he was going traveling.
Jane looked back across the half-forgotten years, and the vision of Tom's gladness flashed upon her: his haggard smile, the tears in his tired eyes, his outstretched arms, his weak voice saying, "Oh, Jenny
Then, with the gladness which must be felt, nay, which he did not scruple to feel, having never believed Frank Churchill to be at all deserving Emma, was there so much fond solicitude, so much keen anxiety for her, that he could stay no longer.
Many a night he vaguely and unhappily wandered there, when wine had brought no transitory gladness to him; many a dreary daybreak revealed his solitary figure lingering there, and still lingering there when the first beams of the sun brought into strong relief, removed beauties of architecture in spires of churches and lofty buildings, as perhaps the quiet time brought some sense of better things, else forgotten and unattainable, into his mind.
Why was he filled with gladness when he heard them give each other Merry Christmas, as they parted at cross-roads and bye-ways, for their several homes.