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Causing or showing gladness or joy: a gladsome occasion; a gladsome smile.

glad′some·ly adv.


an archaic word for glad1
ˈgladsomely adv
ˈgladsomeness n


(ˈglæd səm)

1. giving or causing joy; delightful.
2. glad.
glad′some•ly, adv.
glad′some•ness, n.
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Adj.1.gladsome - experiencing or expressing gladness or joy; "a gladsome smile"; "a gladsome occasion"
glad - showing or causing joy and pleasure; especially made happy; "glad you are here"; "glad that they succeeded"; "gave a glad shout"; "a glad smile"; "heard the glad news"; "a glad occasion"


Marked by festal celebration:


adj (old)freudenreich (liter)
References in classic literature ?
If he had been a gladsome, unreflecting American opera-audience, he probably would have had his storm repeated and repeated until he drowned all those people.
Nobody ever stopped him in the street to say, with gladsome looks, `My dear Scrooge, how are you?
And now gay-plumaged birds of all sorts began to warble in the trees, and with their varied and gladsome notes seemed to welcome and salute the fresh morn that was beginning to show the beauty of her countenance at the gates and balconies of the east, shaking from her locks a profusion of liquid pearls; in which dulcet moisture bathed, the plants, too, seemed to shed and shower down a pearly spray, the willows distilled sweet manna, the fountains laughed, the brooks babbled, the woods rejoiced, and the meadows arrayed themselves in all their glory at her coming.
Two playmates had Rob in these gladsome early days.
That won't harm ye, my pretty, an' it may make poor Geordie gladsome to have so trim a lass sittin' on his lap.
The clumsy wheels of several old-fashioned coaches were heard, and the gentlemen and ladies composing the bridal party came through the church door with the sudden and gladsome effect of a burst of sunshine.
He heard Clara's gladsome voice, too, as she weeded and watered the flower-bed which had been given her for her own.
It seems as though the brightest side of everything were also its highest and best, so that as our little lives sink back behind us into the dark sea of forgetfulness, all that which is the lightest and the most gladsome is the last to sink, and stands above the waters, long in sight, when the angry thoughts and smarting pain are buried deep below the waves and trouble us no more.
The stars, as if knowing that no one was looking at them, began to disport themselves in the dark sky: now flaring up, now vanishing, now trembling, they were busy whispering something gladsome and mysterious to one another.
Most gladsome sight of all, the Cupids plucked the hated fools' caps from their heads and cast them high in the air.
As well as songs from the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta Trial by Jury, the choir also sang The Lost Chord, composed during the terminal illness of Sullivan's brother Fred; O Gladsome Light, an 1886 choral piece; and The Festival Te Deum.
Floats the raven banner o'er us/Round our dragon ship we stand/ Voices joined in gladsome chorus/ Raised aloft the flaming brand/Bonds of brotherhood inherit/O'er strife the curtain draw/Let our actions breathe the spirit of our grand Up Helly Aa.