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also glam·our·ize (glăm′ə-rīz′)
tr.v. glam·or·ized, glam·or·iz·ing, glam·or·iz·es also glam·our·ized or glam·our·iz·ing or glam·our·iz·es
1. To make glamorous: tried to glamorize the bathroom with expensive fixtures.
2. To treat or portray in a romantic manner; idealize or glorify: a show that glamorizes police work.

glam′or·i·za′tion (-ər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
glam′or·iz′er n.
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Noun1.glamorization - the act of glamorizing; making something or someone more beautiful (often in a superficial way)
beautification - the act of making something more beautiful
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It's precisely that kind of ``accepting'' attitude that makes the glamorization of marijuana all the more dangerous, said Mary Kauffman, an adviser for Drug Abuse and Resistance Education, a national program that teaches students about the dangers of drug use.
Renner noted that one of the campaign's activism initiatives this summer, taking on the glamorization of tobacco in movies, music videos and television, appears to be taking hold.
As a woman who watched her father die of lung cancer, I am disgusted by the current trend toward the glamorization of smoking in Hollywood films.
This significant inversion of the usual mechanism of glamorization symptomatizes the resentment of anti-Roseannes unable to accept the truly subversive strategy with which she has worked her nonglamour to exert supreme power over the socius, becoming glamorous on her own terms, i.
Blame game: More than half the national sample (53%) attribute a decline in society's morality to the glamorization of celebrities' bad behavior.
And, on the other, a staunch supporter of the ordinance is trying to remove an obstacle for businesses that glamorize these guns, and surely that glamorization has some connection with the level of violence in our society.
Ice T doesn't shrink from exposing his own contradictions: on the one hand a profound critique of crime and the injustice of the prison system, coupled with an urgent call for access to education; on the other, a seriously seductive glamorization of the criminal life as the ultimate independent free space.
Moreover, 53% believe that morality is in decline due to the glamorization of the kind of bad behavior reported about celebrities.
You worry about Julia Roberts smoking in the movies, you worry about the glamorization of cigars by actors and fashion photographers, you worry what the movie ``In & Out'' will do to the careers of Kevin Kline and Tom Selleck, you worry about the image Ellen DeGeneres is putting across on TV and you get upset about the portrayal of religion on TV and movies.
As I suspected, my sense of heightened glamorization after looking at the Newton photos was not delusion but the true Reality that we are conditioned to dismiss, continually, because of the veil of illusion we incorporate as social conditioning.
For her and other volunteers, it's a difference worth making in rolling back decades of damage done through the glamorization of smoking in entertainment media.
The spots really destroy the glamorization of smoking,'' Connolly said.