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also glam·or·puss  (glăm′ər-po͝os′)
n. Slang
A highly stylish person who maintains a glamorous appearance or lifestyle.

[Probably glamour + puss.]


a glamorous person, esp a woman
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Luxe jazz furry cushion, PS20, BHS - a real glamourpuss would always have her dinner served like this.
Gladiators' bad boy Wolf is reunited with glamourpuss Jet, and the two Kellys - Henry and Matthew relive the excitement they had while making Game For a Laugh.
Can't wait to see glamourpuss Kim Kardashian stomping about in her wellies.
But it is hardly surprising that fashion brands are quick to sign her when she looks so good and has such an ability to switch from ghetto fabulous to glamourpuss in minutes.
Unaware that his new wife Jean (far right) is busy getting into trouble with the law for helping Otto with his illegal abortions, Richard (centre) seeks out Margaret (left), a significant glamourpuss from his past with whom he's keen to rekindle a romance.
4s will be partnered by current star Heather Watson and Romania's Sorana Cirstea in a match that will be preceded by a performance from opera glamourpuss Laura Wright.
Sandra Bullock, left, straps on a pistol under her evening frock for another adventure as glamourpuss FBI agent Gracie Hart.
GLAMOURPUSS J In Italy the Ypsilon is said to be sought after by stylish women
But new store manager Lorraine (played by glamourpuss Stephanie Beacham) has big plans to change things as she chases success.
The reason for their removal became clear when their old seats were taken by glamourpuss Katie Price, aka Jordan, and her entourage.
The new season of Global Glam includes designs by: Porcelain, Behnaz Sarafpour, Fallon, Kara Ross, Minnie Mortimer, Olivia Harris by Joy Gryson, Duro Olowu, Christys of London, Roberta Freymann, Simone, Melissa Obadash, Lulu Frost, Saga Furs, Leigh & Luca, and Glamourpuss by Gigi Mortimer.
She said: " Pretending to be a James Bond glamourpuss, in however small a way, has shifted my focus from changing nappies.