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1. Oblique in direction; slanting or deflected: struck him a glancing blow.
2. Not straightforward; indirect: made glancing allusions to the scandal.

glanc′ing·ly adv.


(ˈglæn sɪŋ, ˈglɑn-)

1. striking obliquely and bouncing off at an angle: a glancing blow.
2. brief and indirect: glancing references to a previous case.
glanc′ing•ly, adv.
صادمٌ بِسُرعَه
šikmýz boku
sem rétt strÿkst viî
sıyırıp geçen


[ˈglɑːnsɪŋ] ADJ [blow] → oblicuo


[ˈglɑːnsɪŋ] adj [blow] → oblique


adj to strike something a glancing blowetw streifen; she struck him a glancing blowihr Schlag streifte ihn; it was only a glancing blowich/er etc wurde nur gestreift


[ˈglɑːnsɪŋ] adj (blow) → di striscio


(glaːns) verb
to look very quickly. He glanced at the book; He glanced over the accounts.
a brief or quick look. I had a glance at the books last night.
ˈglancing adjective
which hits and glances off. a glancing blow.
at a glance
at once. I could tell at a glance that something was wrong.
glance off
to hit and bounce off to one side. The ball glanced off the edge of his bat.
References in classic literature ?
One of them, proud, haughty, capricious, with black hair and beautiful hands, was casting the flame of her glance here and there at random; another, light- hearted and gay, a smile upon her lips, with chestnut hair and delicate white hands, was a typical French virgin, thoughtless, and without hidden thoughts, living her natural real life; a third was dreamy, melancholy, pale, bending her head like a drooping flower; her neighbor, on the contrary, tall, indolent, with Asiatic habits, long eyes, moist and black, said but little, and reflected, glancing covertly at the head of Antinous.
the official asked, merely glancing up from the desk at which he was sitting with a pile of papers before him.
It's not time yet; I think I'm too early," he said glancing round the empty drawing room.