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adj. glar·i·er, glar·i·est
Dazzlingly bright; glaring.


(ˈglɛər i)

adj. glar•i•er, glar•i•est.
harshly bright.
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Adj.1.glary - shining intenselyglary - shining intensely; "the blazing sun"; "blinding headlights"; "dazzling snow"; "fulgent patterns of sunlight"; "the glaring sun"
bright - emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts; "the sun was bright and hot"; "a bright sunlit room"


Extemely bright:
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Police are appealing for infor mation after the attempted bur glary in Morpeth.
We also sampled a number of LED fixtures from various manufacturers and found the light to be too glary.
Apart from the colour, it is very bright and glary which one doesn't realise till one gets on it," the coach said.
soil and ints that on was His suspicions were compounded when, a week after the burglary, pounded glary, Cri th Crichton told him one of his sons had found the missing trousers in a nearby wood.
Glary lights before the show make everything seem stark and unfinished to Kate Frazey, a bony aerobics instructor" (00:00:00:00).