glass in

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: in - enclose with glass; "glass in a porch"
inclose, shut in, close in, enclose - surround completely; "Darkness enclosed him"; "They closed in the porch with a fence"
References in classic literature ?
Oh, what fun it'll be, when they see me through the glass in here, and can't get at me
Colonel Killigrew all this time had been trolling forth a jolly bottle song, and ringing his glass in symphony with the chorus, while his eyes wandered toward the buxom figure of the Widow Wycherly.
My good friend, it is the very glass in which the king is used to look to see himself.
As there was a proper objection to drinking her in heel-taps,' said the voice, 'we'll give her the first glass in the new magnum.