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2) Annmarie Nobile, above, New England account manager for famed glassblower Simon Pearce, is the retail consultant for the Craft Center's gift shop.
Created by a master glassblower, the three vessels are not identical, not modules, but three distinct examples with minimal variations in size.
Rick Fearne loves his job as a glassblower so much he's converted his garage into a workshop so he can take it home with him.
Veteran artist Jon Sawyer is capturing icons of New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy in his lustrous work; as the only full-time glassblower east of Quebec, he has become something of an icon himself.
Each piece is numbered and signed by the glassblower, and retails for $1,200.
One of them (shown here) used chopped wood from a tree branch to blow organic forms of glass, part of a long-running collaboration between Matali Crasset and Dutch glassblower Vincent Breed.
Best-selling historical novelist Marina Fiorata, whose first novel The Glassblower of Murano was a huge success, will be at Acklam Library from 7pm to 9pm tomorrow.
This work is the product of her collaboration with glassblower Stuart Hearn.
He trained as a glassblower more than 40 years ago and has been repairing, altering and creating technical pieces for the university's scientists, academics and students since 1999.
His own included a glassblower, a go-go dancer and a steel drum band during the appetizers.
and two, that earlier still, in around 1857, a neon-sign-precursor, called a Geissler Tube, was invented, this time by a German called Heinrich Geissler, who's also gone down in history, under the delightful appellation of - get this - glassblower and physicist.
Before that she spent several years as a glassblower in a test tube factory.